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Heroes in the Night in Seattle

On a whim last week, I felt like checking out the Seattle Northgate Barnes & Noble to see if they had a copy of my favorite book, “Heroes in the Night,” in stock.


“Heroes in the Night” is a book by Milwaukee-based writer Tea Krulos about the movement of real-life superheroes. Krulos traveled all over the country and even internationally, chronicling the adventures of real-life superheroes and delving into the history, ramifications, and influence of the subculture.

The Pacific Northwest got quite a bit of ink in the book, Seattle especially. Two whole chapters focus on Seattle’s own Phoenix Jones. By chance, Krulos was present for the infamous “Pepper Spray incident” which lead the arrest of Jones and his eventual public unmasking.

The Seattle Northgate Barnes & Noble had one copy of the book, just one, on the shelf. However it should be duly noted that they no longer have that one copy on the shelf because I bought it.

It’s a great book and I can not recommend it enough. Krulos has a wonderful narrative style and he really opens a window into the lives of various superheroes. Even if you are not into superheroes, it’s a good read.

In full disclosure, one of my favorite things about the book is that I am in it, which, admittedly, is one of the coolest things to happen to ever to me. My expertise on superhero dining habits is utilized in the book. No, seriously, it is.

If you would like a copy, you can order it online here or here. However, I highly recommend going to your local bookstore and requesting it.

On another note, there is a special copy of the book currently being offered via eBay. It has been signed by 45 superheroes and the proceeds of this copy of the book go to support HOPE, a charitable endeavor lead by superhero Razorhawk that helps the homeless. The eBay action can be found here.

The eBay auction ends on September 14th at 5:45 pm. More information of “Heroes in the Night” can be found at the blog Heroes in the Night.