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Superhero Patrol Log for November 6, 2014

Though it’s been quiet on my page for the last couple weeks, the superheroes of Seattle have been busy.


Dragon, Red Ranger, White Baron.  Photo courtesy of Dragon.

The Emerald City Heroes Organization got in a patrol on a Thursday evening a little over a week ago. The trio of Dragon, Red Ranger, and White Baron patrolled the Capitol Hill area. They encountered one situation involving some yelling between a couple. They observed the situation from a safe distance to see if any intervention was needed. White Baron used his tech to inquire if everything was alright. Noting the situation appeared to be de-escalating and seeing no actions they though could take to help, they left the scene with some in trepidation.

There had been some tips about increased car prowls in the Harborview area. The 3 superheroes patrolled that area and took opportunity of the relative calm of the night to take some picture. They continued their patrol through “Glass Alley” and by several of the clubs on Capitol Hill. Per ECHO’s usual protocol, it was noted that both peace and harmony reportedly prevailed.


View from Harborview.  Photo courtesy of Dragon.

Of significant note, Dragon had return to patrolling after taking some time off to handle personal matters.

Here is ECHO’s account via their Facebook page:

ECHO Patrol Log: 11-06-2012
Dragon Reporting From “The Lair”
Roll Call: White Baron, Red Ranger, Dragon
Location: Capitol Hill
Patrol Time: 21:30-2:30
I have been on a sabbatical for 5 weeks and finally was able to get back to patrolling.

Patrol started with Red Ranger and Dragon patrolling down Broadway, going past various clubs as they made their way south.

We had water and food on us, but very little demand for it as we encountered almost no street-folk.

We met up with White Baron at midnight, and patrolled going north on Broadway, past Seattle university, Cal Anderson Park, Glass Alley and Harborview.

We encountered a couple where the girl was yelling at her date to not touch her. I hung back to “rest” and observe the situation. When the yelling got louder Baron flipped his flashlight and voice amplifier on to ask if everything was okay. We were told by both individuals that “everything was fine”. We weren’t entirely comfortable leaving that situation but it seemed to have de-escalated on its own after that.

The view was pretty good from Harborview so we snapped a few pics and made our way back to Glass Alley and some of the clubs that were letting out at that time. We called patrol at 02:30, walked with Baron back to his vehicle. Ranger was dropped off at the Stronghold and proceeded back to “the Lair”

Aside from a little drunken yelling, Peace and Harmony Prevailed!