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Trick or Treat…or Shoot!

Well past midnight on Halloween night, shots rang out in the U-District. A couple superheroes, who seem to be magnets for crime, were not too far off and soon rushed to the scene. After a marathon patrol in the U-District, Black Knight and White Baron found themselves near a very violent event.

The night began with Red Ranger of ECHO and Boomer of USID making a quick run through the U-District at around 9:30. As they night progressed, White Baron and Black Knight joined them and later on, so did Girl Scout.

A combination of college-aged antics and alcohol-fueled revelry made for a busy nice for the quirky quintet. Dealing with those antics is a story in itself, as more can be found on the patrol log posted by ECHO. The fearless five looped around the U-District several times, aiding where they saw the need. The crew noted potential drunk drivers and even removed a decorative hazard at one point.

By 2:30 AM, the parties seemed to die down and the weary superheroes thought their work might be coming to a close, however…their night was far from over. The group had thought they would call it a night, but the work of superheroes is never done.

Soon after, Black Knight and White Baron were walking north on University Way NE near NE 50th Street. Black Knight reported hearing 6-8 “pops” and started heading in that direction. They then said they heard another 6-8 “pops”.

Correctly assuming it was gunfire; they confirmed it with someone else near the scene. White Baron thought he saw the shadow of a man head west.

It was gunfire, as reported by the SPD Blotter. An argument had broken outside a bar at the 5200 block of University Way NE. Violence started with a punch, but then the punchee got a gun out and started firing. In turn, someone else got a gun out and also starting firing. In all, over 20 shots were fired and 5 people were injured.

When Black Knight and White Baron got to the scene, they saw a black man lying on the ground, surrounded by a crowd, in the alleyway near NE 52nd Street by Pizza Ragazzi. Civilians were already attending to the man.


SPD arrives.  Photo courtesy of Red Ranger

911 was called and emergency services arrived. Black Knight said SPD had posted at several corners and cordoned off areas, and they arrived on scene with weapons drawn. Black Knight reports then medical services were then cleared to proceed.


Emergency services on scene.  Photo courtesy of Red Ranger

3 shooting victims were transported to Harborview Medical Center (HMC) with non-life threatening injuries. Another victim was brought to HMC by a friend. A fifth victim was treated at the scene and released.

The 2 superheroes then met back up with Red Ranger and Boomer and stayed on scene till cleared to leave by SPD.

As reported by KOMONews.com, the suspect fled on foot. A canine unit tracked the suspect to Ravenna Park, but the trail was lost at that point.

The suspect is a black male, 25-30 years old, 5’10”, and was wearing a black beanie, prescription sunglasses, grey pea coat, and black pants. If you have any information in regards to this incident, please call SPD detectives at (206) 625-5011.


Black Knight talks to a witness apparently dressed as Shakespeare.  Photo courtesy of Red Ranger

He’s not being “tricky,” but White Baron refers to Black Knight as his “lucky charm” since he seems to encounter “treats” like this whenever the 2 patrol together. The superheroes finally called it a night for the second time at approximately 3:45 AM.

Wild Night for Black Knight and company

It usually doesn’t get crazy till the end. At least when it comes to superhero patrols. That proved true for Black Knight and White Baron on a patrol on the night of Thursday, Oct. 9th into early Friday morning.

Having split into 2 teams from the rest of ECHO, the superhero veteran pair patrolled Capitol Hill. Earlier in the night, the 2 had pursued a couple of men who were allegedly messing with a fence, but the 2 alleged perpetrators escaped in a car. Other than getting a snack at IHOP, it was a fairly typical patrol night at that point. However, the patrol got a bit more interesting towards the end of the patrol.

At a construction site near 10th and Madison at around 1:30 AM, the super-duo noticed 2 men that appeared to be trying to get into the building. The superheroes recognizing the apparent trespassing, warned the men and stated they would call SPD. The alleged suspects were none too pleased and an argument ensued. The situation started to escalate with the 2 men threatening the superheroes. The 2 men advanced on the superheroes, one even throwing a bottle. Fearing for their safety, Black Knight let loose some pepper spray at the suspects.

Black Knight and White Baron then got away from the 2 men, but still stayed nearby and found the security guard that was guarding the area on another side of the construction site. The security guard called SPD and the 2 superheroes awaited the cavalry.

The cavalry arrived in the form of 4 SPD squad cars and an ambulance. The emergency services did their duty, treating the suspects and taking reports. The cops recommended the intrepid superheroes move along, and with the suspects still pretty angry, the superheroes did just that, ending their patrol shortly after.

What is stranger, and possibly funnier, is that apparently a friend of the 2 men posted about the encounter on the website Reddit.

WARNING: This is definitely not safe for work nor is it suitable for children. Reddit.com is a controversial website and you look at it at your own risk.

You can read the reddit post here.

In what appears to be an appeal for sympathy backfired as a majority of the redditors sided with the superheroes. He pretty much admits that his friends were trespassing, threw the bottle, and were more than likely intoxicated.

His main argument was that the superheroes had no business trying to stop 2 trespassers. Somehow the presence of superheroes absolved them of their wrongdoing in some sort of backwards logic, though he admitted they would have complied if cops had first approached them.

Though the lesson my have been lost on the friend of the redditor, and most likely his friends as well, it was not lost on the superheroes.

Black Knight reflected on the course of events and noted several ways that they could have handled the situation better. Specifically, he noted that he or White Baron should have called SPD much sooner, not just threatening to do so.

The takeaway is that some superheroes learn, but most redditors do not.

Superhero Patrol Logs for September 11, 2014

Last night proved to be a night full of superheroes.

ECHO (Emerald City Heroes Organization) was out early in the evening patrolling the U-District. The triple-threat of El Caballero, Dragon, and Red Ranger were out with Patrolman Y and a guest film crew. It was a fairly quiet night for ECHO, which was probably beneficial as it afforded them the opportunity to be interviewed for a film project by the crew.

Here is their report:

ECHO Patrol Log: 09-11-2014
Dragon reporting from “The Lair”
Roll Call: Dragon, El Caballero, Red Ranger, Patrolman Y, and Guest Film Crew
Location: U district
Time: 10:30p – 12:30a

We had a filmmaker and his assistant accompany us on tonights patrol. We made our usual rounds, Ranger handing out water to street friends. We did a lot of shaking hands and PR work, mostly answering questions, and a few photos. It was actually non-eventful and we did check some of the back parking areas around 42nd for car prowls. We did an interview with the crew and escorted them back to their vehicle.

Peace and Harmony prevailed!

Later in the evening a mini-reunion of super-sorts went down on Capitol Hill. Black Knight, met up with SkyMan, White Baron, GirlScout (formerly of the RCSM), and Red Ranger of ECHO pulling double duty.


White, Baron, SkyMan, and Red Ranger pose for a photo.  Photo courtesy of Black Knight

This cavalcade of superheroes initially began a little before midnight with Black Knight, SkyMan, and White Baron, who came out of his semi-retirement for this patrol.   After patrolling Cal Anderson Park, they met up with GirlScout and Red Ranger. The intrepid quintet continued to patrol through the bar area, west on Broadway, through Glass Alley then looping through the bar area again. Making their way back to their parking area, the patrol ended at approximately 2:30 am. There was nothing unusual to report.