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Seattle Superheroes is here to save the day!   …or at least cover the superheroes that try to protect the Emerald City. SeattleSuperheroes.com will feature the latest news, upcoming events, crime reports, patrol logs of superheroes, the personal account of superheroes and adventures from the viewpoint of A.J. Roberts (The Watcher), The Watcher’s commentary, and maybe even some satire.

About the Watcher:

No stranger to the strange world of superheroes, A.J. Roberts has been a fan of superheroes since he was a child, collecting comic books from an early age. Professionally, A.J. has worked in television for the past decade and has written for news and broadcast websites for years. Much like Jimmy Olsen in the comics, his work in the media has brought him into contact with real-life superheroes. A.J. has followed the exploits of the real-life superheroes since 2009, accompanying many of them on patrols and missions throughout the region. Though he is not officially among the ranks of the “RLSH,” A.J. is known as a “superhero” in another manner. Embracing cosplay, he can be seen at various charity events dressed as Captain America or an X-Man with the charity group, Comic Book Characters for Causes, and the cosplay group, the Northwest Mutant Academy. His most popular costume, Captain America, has even been featured on MSN Video. Rumors of that he is actually the real-life superhero “Call-the-Police-From-A-Safe-Distance Man” have never been confirmed.

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  1. My name is Steve Mohr and I play with The Sky Rained Heroes, the last band Greg Gibson played with before his tragic passing. We recorded 10 songs with Greg 2 weeks before his passing. We are going to release these songs on a CD, have a release party with all proceedings going to Seattle Superheroes. He was passionate about the cause and we want to honor his legacy and continue his work with your organization. Please contact me if interested, we are just putting things together and want to do it right!!
    Thank you,
    Steve Mohr (253) 221-4016 cell

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