ECHO versus the Anarchists on Veterans’ Day

Though superhero patrols are usually relegated to the hours of darkness, this past Veterans’ Day brought out a number of superheroes out into the light.

Members of the Emerald City Heroes Organization (ECHO) had heard some intel of potential anarchist activity to occur on Veterans’ Day. Superheroes in Seattle have quite the colorful history with anarchist types. El Caballero especially has had more than his share of dealings with anarchists. So it is no surprise that he would be at the forefront of watching out for subversive anarchist activity.

Red Ranger met up with El Caballero and heading down to downtown to find a smaller-than-expected group of so-called anarchists readying for the march. The group was getting appeared to be readying themselves with flags, banners, masks, and the like. Meanwhile, the 2 superheroes kept a safe distance and a watchful eye.

Also, Shockwave later was in contact with the ECHO duo and he provided “mobile support.”

The small group did their little protest/march. SPD had a presence for part of it, also keeping an eye on the assemblage. It lasted for a couple hours and ended where it started.

For the most part, it was just random ranting and angry diatribe. Other than a bit of traffic slowdown here and there, the group was relatively peaceful and trouble-free. As far as the superheroes were in regards to the alleged anarchists group, it was a war of words versus silence. The superheroes just watched for trouble, while allowing the group to demonstrate their 1st Amendment rights, despite how disagreeable the cluster may have been.

Though the tension was thick enough to cut with a batarang, relative peace and harmony prevailed and no major incidents were noted.


Here is the report by Red Ranger as posted on the ECHO Facebook page:

ECHO Patrol Log: 11-11-2014
Report By: Red Ranger
Roll Call: El Caballero, Red Ranger, Shockwave
Location: Westlake and Capitol Hill
Patrol Time: 12:30 – 15:30

ECHO received some intel about an anarchist protest that would be occurring in downtown Seattle today, so we headed there to make sure everyone involved was staying safe and not harming others or property, as they have in the past.

The patrol started with El Caballero and I meeting up and mobilizing into the main downtown area. Shockwave got in touch with us later and provided mobile support.

We shortly arrived at Westlake Center and found the crowd of black-clad anarchists gathering themselves and preparing for their march. We expected a much larger group to be protesting, but the turnout was only about 25-30 people. With them they had their black bandannas, Guy Fawkes masks, as well as several flags and banners including a defaced and upside-down American flag (on Veteran’s Day, no less…). We staked them out from afar for a while and did a few laps around the block, running into some other anarchist disturbers who were following us and seemed to be trying to cause trouble, shouting hateful speech and jeering at us. We didn’t stop to pay them mind and they seemed to get bored pretty quickly.

Shortly after 13:00, the anarchist mob began shouting and ran into the streets, disturbing and slowing down traffic. They proceeded to march and chant down the block and we followed, keeping a close eye on them. Soon a few SPD bike officers arrived and followed slowly behind the march, but the police’s presence faded in and out over its course.

The protest continued for another couple hours and went all around the downtown area, but the anarchists caused no trouble aside from aggressive, anti-patriotic shouting and slowing down traffic a significant amount, even draping their banners over vehicles that were stopped by their protest.

We followed the anarchist protesters all the way back to their starting point in Westlake Center and saw them pack up, bringing their little parade to a close. With no serious harm done, El Caballero and I decided to call off the patrol and we parted ways at around 15:30.

Although this kind of thing isn’t at all what one would want to see on Veteran’s day, we are happy that the protest didn’t become dangerous and that everyone was staying safe. Peace and harmony prevailed!

**((Note: I have included a video clip from my chest-mounted camera of our patrol around the anarchist protest. I do apologize for the awkward camera angle and incorrect time stamp, but I suppose I still have a few kinks to work out. — Red Ranger))**