ECHO at Tim’s Tavern

Though the city has been embroiled in protests,

For the past two weekends, more than just rock music and good times were found at Tim’s Tavern located at 602 N. 105th Street. Several of Seattle’s superheroes were there to support some good causes.

While patrolling the streets is by far their main activity, charity work is vital to mission of these superheroes.


Red Ranger, El Caballero, Girl Scout, and Dragon at Tim’s Tavern.

Night of Heroes” was an event hosted by members of the Emerald City Heroes Organization for homeless outreach charity on Friday, November 28th. El Caballero, Red Ranger, Dragon, White Baron, Girl Scout, and SkyMan were there representing Seattle’s superhero. Paul Diamond Blow, Butterflies of Death, and Angie Martinez were among the acts that performed. The night was an overall entertaining and rocking show.


Flyer for the Night of Heroes event.

But it was not all play and no work. Both nights proved to be fruitful in the superhero/crime-fighting department.

The first night the superheroes did not even have to go further than the establishment to spring into action.

An overly inebriated man was asked to leave by the establishment. El Caballero was happy to help the man to the door, but once outside, the drunken man become rather belligerent and even more troublesome. Red Ranger was there for back up and the two superheroes got the man to the ground. Dragon kept on eye on the door from inside, while White Baron checked the man for weapons. Girl Scout called the police. Sky Man was even able to help by helping to hold the man down for a bit and also flagging down the cops.

The superheroes were met with applause by the bar-goers when they reentered the bar.

But the night was not over.

Later, a drummer in one of bands was performing but inexplicably found himself with a deep cut on his hand. Girl Scout and Red Ranger were able to render him medical aid, and as the saying goes, the show went on.

Their presence proved such a good omen that they were asked to return the next weekend for a Toys for Tots event on Saturday, December 6th.


El Caballero watches over the crowd while also enjoying the music.

El Caballero, a connoisseur of the local music scene was of course back at the show, and he was joined again with Red Ranger, Girl Scout, and Dragon.   Red Ranger bought a bag of toys he bought to add to the good collection of donated toys at Tim’s Tavern. Milhous and Suburban Vermin were among several of the bands that rocked out the night.


Red Ranger drops off some toys at Tim’s Tavern’s Toys for Tots event.

After the Toys for Tots event, the team hit the streets and went out on patrol around Pike Street Market and Belltown. They had a small incident but were able to handle it.


Some of the toys donated.

Tim’s Tavern is hosting another benefit, Homeless for the Holidays, on Friday, December 19th.


Dragon, Girl Scout, Red Ranger and El Caballero were happy to see all the toys donated to the cause.


Here is ECHO’s report of the first night via their Facebook page:


ECHO Patrol Log: 11-28-2014

Report By: Red Ranger

Roll Call: El Caballero, Dragon, Red Ranger, Sky Man, Girl Scout, White Baron

Location: Tim’s Tavern on 105th Patrol Time: 20:00 – 02:00

This report is a little different from most of our others in that we didn’t necessarily patrol this evening. Rather, Emerald City Heroes Organization hosted our “Night of Heroes” fundraising charity event at Tim…’s Tavern on 105th street. We made our appearance and bands and performers filed in behind us. Around 21:30 the shindig got started and patrons started coming in to participate and donate to our cause for raising money to benefit the local homeless, and the bands started playing. The featured musical and burlesque acts were amazing, and everyone was having a blast. We could not have asked for a more joyous atmosphere.

Sometime around midnight, a gentleman at the bar had had too much to drink and was getting fresh with other patrons. He was asked to leave by the bartender, and El Caballero escorted him to the door and babysat him with some water. Eventually, our purple-clad comrade was able to get the man outside, but the way the guy was acting made me uneasy so I followed them out in case El Caballero needed backup. Sure enough, the man was so inebriated that once he was outside he didn’t understand that he had been asked to leave by the proprietors of the establishment. When we asked him to relax he tried to assault El Caballero, and immediately he and I worked together to get the intoxicated assailant on the ground. The gentleman became infuriated and attempted to fight us some more and even tried to swing at others standing by, so El Caballero and I had to hold him down on the ground while our fellow team mates came to assist. Dragon watched the door from the inside and kept the event going, White Baron helped check the man for weapons while we had him pinned, Girl Scout called the authorities, and Sky Man briefly helped hold the man down when he continued to struggle before going to help flag down police. We had to hold him on the ground for about 5 minutes before SPD showed up. We gave our statements and the drunk aggressor was arrested. Upon reentering the tavern, we were met by cheers and applause from the event patrons, who watched the whole thing transpire.

The party continued and the bands played on. Everyone got back to their activities and had a good time. However, a superhero’s work is never done. Around 01:00 we were enjoying the riveting musical performance of local band “Butterflies of Death” when the percussionist informed the audience that his hand had started bleeding rapidly and inexplicably. He had a deep cut on his hand and wasn’t sure how it got there. Not to worry though, because Girl Scout and I rushed up to the stage to remedy the situation. I took my medpack from my utility belt and she and I went to work on disinfecting and bandaging the hand. Soon enough, all was well and we were met with even more applause. The band was able to play on and once again, the frivolity resumed.

The event continued for about another hour before we decided to call it a night. In the end we raised a lot of money for our cause. Emerald City Heroes Organization will be able to buy lots of supplies to hand out to the homeless on our next outreach projects and future patrols. Although it got a little hairy in the middle, this event was a smashing success and we are excited to do more events like this in the future. Peace and harmony prevailed!