Zanadu no more?


Well, all good things must come to an end.  After over 4 decades of selling the coolest comic books around, Zanadu Comics will be closing in January of next year.  Zanadu Comics is a comic book shop located at 1923 3rd Ave in Seattle.

Zanadu started way back in 1975.  At the time, it was only one of three shops that specialized in comic books.  It has been at its downtown Seattle location for 30 years.  At one point, there was even a second store in the U District.

But the times, they are a changing.  The changing economic landscape has not been kind to many small business in the downtown corridor and unfortunately, Zanadu has fallen victim to that.  Increases in rent and city development have dealt quite the blow to might Zanadu.

An ambituous GoFundMe champaign was started late in 2016 and has had quite the success, but not quite enough to save Zanadu as it stands right now.

Zanadu was the dream of Perry Plush.  Having had the pleasure of meeting the illustrious owner on numerous occasions, I can say the legends are all true.  The man is a superhero in his own right.  As the “president and janitor” of Zanadu, he’s a former body builder and comic book fan since 1965.  He’ll gladly share with you his love of comics as well as help you find your own passion in comics.

They have been a mainstay in the Seattle comic book community for years.  This is a loss not just to the comic book and superhero community, but all of Seattle as well.  The Emerald City will be just a touch less shiny when the lights go out for the last time at Zanadu.

According to Zanadu Comic’s facebook page , it looks like there is still hope for a future of Zanadu or another endeavor for Perry Plush in some form, just not likely the downtown comic book shop that has served Seattle for all these decades.  Whatever is next in store, I hope it’s super!

The last day of business is January 28, 2018.