Boomer runs into Boom Boom

Call it a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe right place at the right time, depending on your perspective. Boomer, formerly of the RCSM and now the Director of Project U.S.I.D, found himself in the middle of gunfire.

Before heading home, Boomer while in civilian attire, wanted to thank heaven by stopping off at a nearby 7-Eleven. He got a bit more than a Slurpee.

Around 12:30 AM of Saturday, Oct. 18th, a car prowler broke the window of a van parked behind the 7-Eleven located at 2009 Rainier Ave. S., according to However, a 63-year old man was sleeping inside. The man grabbed a gun, a .357 magnum revolver, and yelled at the car prowler and opened fire on him and his getaway driver.

Boomer had got a snack and was sitting in his car. He had just reset his dashcam that he had in his vehicle. Boomer noticed a Caprice on the side of the building and heard some muffled yelling. His action sense was tingling, so he continued to listen closely.

Shots rang out. A couple of the shots came dangerously close to Boomer’s car.

At that point, Boomer said he ran into the store to tell the clerks to get down and yelled, “Shot fired, call 911 now!”

When he heard the shooting stop, Boomer said he approached the shooter with his flash light out and taser drawn. He issued verbal commands to the shooter. Rather quickly, SPD showed up and were able to take over the scene from there. The 63-year old shooter was compliant and surrendered his gun to officers.

Officers arrested the shooter after determining he went beyond the scope of self-defense since he shot at the other 2 men while they were fleeing, according to the SPD Blotter. The man was booked into King County Jail under investigation of assault.


The “getaway car” from the incident.  Photo courtesy of Boomer.

According to Boomer, the shooter had dumped his brass, including 1 live round, in a trash can on the north side of the 7-Eleven. He also noted casings were on the ground in from the store.

The car prowler and his driver fled the scene, but quickly ditched their vehicle. The driver tried to run afterwards, but collapsed. The car prowler was taken to Swedish Medical Center and hospital staff called the police and the man was identified by SPD as the car prowler.

Back at the scene, Boomer said he was able to direct officers to the shooter and help give a report.

What was most likely very helpful was that Boomer had video of the event as he has a dashcam with automatic time stamp in his vehicle. On the video, you can clearly hear multiple gunshots and the 63-year old shooter yelling at the would-be robbers. Boomer provided the video from his dashcam to SPD and then later made the audio available to the media.

Boomer did get a bag of Butterfinger minis, a Reese’s Fast Break, and a 20 oz. bottle of water. More than that, he also was able to provide a serving of justice not usually available at 7-Eleven.

Wild Night for Black Knight and company

It usually doesn’t get crazy till the end. At least when it comes to superhero patrols. That proved true for Black Knight and White Baron on a patrol on the night of Thursday, Oct. 9th into early Friday morning.

Having split into 2 teams from the rest of ECHO, the superhero veteran pair patrolled Capitol Hill. Earlier in the night, the 2 had pursued a couple of men who were allegedly messing with a fence, but the 2 alleged perpetrators escaped in a car. Other than getting a snack at IHOP, it was a fairly typical patrol night at that point. However, the patrol got a bit more interesting towards the end of the patrol.

At a construction site near 10th and Madison at around 1:30 AM, the super-duo noticed 2 men that appeared to be trying to get into the building. The superheroes recognizing the apparent trespassing, warned the men and stated they would call SPD. The alleged suspects were none too pleased and an argument ensued. The situation started to escalate with the 2 men threatening the superheroes. The 2 men advanced on the superheroes, one even throwing a bottle. Fearing for their safety, Black Knight let loose some pepper spray at the suspects.

Black Knight and White Baron then got away from the 2 men, but still stayed nearby and found the security guard that was guarding the area on another side of the construction site. The security guard called SPD and the 2 superheroes awaited the cavalry.

The cavalry arrived in the form of 4 SPD squad cars and an ambulance. The emergency services did their duty, treating the suspects and taking reports. The cops recommended the intrepid superheroes move along, and with the suspects still pretty angry, the superheroes did just that, ending their patrol shortly after.

What is stranger, and possibly funnier, is that apparently a friend of the 2 men posted about the encounter on the website Reddit.

WARNING: This is definitely not safe for work nor is it suitable for children. is a controversial website and you look at it at your own risk.

You can read the reddit post here.

In what appears to be an appeal for sympathy backfired as a majority of the redditors sided with the superheroes. He pretty much admits that his friends were trespassing, threw the bottle, and were more than likely intoxicated.

His main argument was that the superheroes had no business trying to stop 2 trespassers. Somehow the presence of superheroes absolved them of their wrongdoing in some sort of backwards logic, though he admitted they would have complied if cops had first approached them.

Though the lesson my have been lost on the friend of the redditor, and most likely his friends as well, it was not lost on the superheroes.

Black Knight reflected on the course of events and noted several ways that they could have handled the situation better. Specifically, he noted that he or White Baron should have called SPD much sooner, not just threatening to do so.

The takeaway is that some superheroes learn, but most redditors do not.